Electromagnetismo y Física de la Materia

Hurtado, Pablo I.

Profesor Titular / Associate Professor

Física de la Materia Condesada

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After completing a Ph.D. on theoretical physics at the University of Granada (Feb 2003), I worked as a postdoc at the Department of Physics of Boston University (USA) for two years and at the "Laboratoire Charles Coulomb" of the Université Montpellier 2 (France) for one. Since October 2006 I work at the Electromagnetism and Condensed Matter Physics Department of the University of Granada, first as a research scientist (2006-2008) and then as a "Ramón y Cajal" fellow until April 2012, when I won a tenured professorship.

My main research interests lie in the field of nonequilibrium statistical physics, with a particular emphasis on fluctuations out of equilibrium. I'm also interested on the physics of strongly-correlated matter, as e.g. glasses, soft matter and complex liquids, and in computational physics. More information on my research and teaching activities can be found on my webpage.

Nonequilibrium statistical physics; Fluctuations and large deviations; Dynamics in strongly-correlated matter; Soft matter, glasses and complex liquids; Complex systems; Computational physics



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