Participant & Contribution Type Lynks to Material
A. Acín ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences (Spain)Detecting entanglement and non-locality in many-body quantum systemsOralLink
J. Aguilera-Fernández University of Granada (Spain)Ultralong-range polyatomic Rydberg moleculesPosterLink
F. Barra University of Chile (Chile)Stochastic thermodynamics for quantum maps with and without equilibrium and some consequences for the thermodynamics of systems with Lindblad dynamicsOralLink
P. Boës Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)Justification of statistical ensembles from thermodynamic transitionsOralLink
H.J. Briegel University of Innsbruck (Austria)Projective simulation for learning and agencyOralLink
J. C. Bolívar University of Granada (Spain)Identifying topological phase transitions by means of electron currents in silicene and other 2D Dirac materialsPosterLink
K. Brandner Aalto University (Finland)Experimental determination of dynamical Lee-Yang zerosOralLink
M. Brunelli Queen’s University Belfast (U.K.)Irreversibility and correlations in open quantum systemsOralLink
A. Buchleitner University of Freiburg (Germany)Quantum dynamics on networks: the interplay of structure, indistinguishability, and interactionsOralLink
G.G. Cabrera Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil)Non-ergodic states in quantum spin chainsOralLink
J. Cao Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT (USA)Quantum Transport: Coherence, and Symmetry, and DiffusivityOralLink
J. Cerrillo Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)Non-Markovian, strong coupling quantum transport: fluctuation theorems and measurement schemesOralLink
S. Chakraborty Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)Optimal quantum spatial search on random temporal networksPosterLink
S. Chakraborty Institute of Mathematical Sciences (India)On non-Markovianity of qubit evolution under action of spin environmentPosterLink
A. Dhar International Centre for Theoretical Sciences-ICTS (India)The quantum Langevin approach for transportOralLink
J. Dai National University of Singapore (Singapore)The implementation of a quantum absorption refrigerator with trapped ionsOralLink
A. Deger Aalto University (Finland)Phase transitions in a molecular zipper: Lee-Yang zeros and large deviation statisticsPosterLink
H.W. Diehl Universität Duisburg-Essen (Germany)Fluctuation-induced forces in confined free and imperfect Bose gasesOralLink
M. Esposito University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)Dissipation in open quantum systemsOralLink
A.N. Fedorova IPME RAS, St. Petersburg (Russia)From points to patterns in Wigner frameworks, 2: Dynamics and control of ensembles in multiscalesPosterLink
D. Frustaglia University of Sevilla (Spain)Topological transitions in spin interferometers and resonators by geometric phase engineeringOralLink
G. Gallavotti University of Rome “la Sapienza” (Italy)Equivalence ’reversible-irreversible’ for NS and other equationsOralLink
R. Gallego Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)Third law of thermodynamics as a single inequalityOralLink
F. Galve Institute for Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (Spain)Microscopic origins of collective dissipation in extended systemsOralLink
A.O. García Rodríguez Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil)Undamped oscillations in the long-time magnetization dynamics of a quantum spin chainPosterLink
J.P. Garrahan University of Nottingham (U.K.)Glasses, dynamical constraints, and slow relaxation in quantum many-body systemsOralLink
M. Gluza Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)Equilibration via Gaussification: Theory and experimentOralLink
R. González-Férez Universidad de Granada (Spain)Rydberg optical Feshbach resonances in cold gasesOralLink
R. Hilfer Universität Stuttgart (Germany)Temporal nonlocality in quantum dynamicsOralLink
K.V. Hovhannisyan University of Aarhus (Denmark)Low-temperature thermometry in many-body systemsOralLink
K. Ito Nagoya University (Japan)Optimal performance of generalized heat engines with finite-size baths of multiple conserved quantities beyond i.i.d. scalingPosterLink
E. Kaminishi University of Tokyo (Japan)Entanglement prethermalization in one-dimensional Bose gasesOralLink
O.L. Kapitanchuk National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine)Competitiveness of an adsorbing-state quantum system coupled weakly to the environmentPosterLink
M. Kastner University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)Noninvasive measurement of dynamic correlation functionsOralLink
I. Klich University of Virginia (United States)A novel class of quantum phase transitions: from bounded to extensive entanglementOralLink
S. Kohler Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC) (Spain)Interference at avoided crossings: transport, decoherence, and bichromatic drivingOralLink
W. Lechner Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (Austria)Coherent quantum annealing with parity constraintsOralLink
I. Lesanovsky University of Nottingham (U.K.)Exploring far-from-equilibrium physics of dissipative spin systems with highly excited atomsOralLink
M. Losada University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)Classical limit from a logical perspectivePosterLink
G. Manzano Universidad Complutense de Madrid and IFISC (Spain)Entropy production and thermodynamic power of the squeezed thermal reservoirOralLink
M.A. Martín-Delgado Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)Topological heat transport and symmetry-protected boson currentsOralLink
P. Menczel Aalto University (Finland)Limitations on coherent work extraction in open quantum systemsPosterLink
J. Molina-Vilaplana Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)Scrambling the spectral form factorOralLink
K. Morawetz Muenster University of Applied Sciences (Germany)Nonlocal quantum kinetic theory to simulate strong correlationsOralLink
K. Morawetz Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (Germany)Universal short-time response and formation of correlations after quantum quenchesPosterLink
T. Mori University of Tokyo (Japan)Floquet-Magnus theory and generic transient dynamics in periodically driven many-body quantum systemsOralLink
M. Müller Swansea University (U.K.)Topological quantum error correcting codes: efficient preparation, optimisation and characterisationoralLink
K. Netocny Institute of Physics AS CR (Czech Republic)Non-equilibrium steady state calorimetry: From classical to quantumPosterLink
T.M. Nieuwenhuizen University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Dynamics of quantum measurement and the quantum measurement problemOralLink
V. Notararigo University College London (U.K.)“Perturbative method” to compute frequency- filtered and time-resolved correlation functionsPosterLink
L. Novo Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)Spatial search by quantum walk is optimal for almost all graphsPosterLink
B. Olmos University of Nottingham (U.K.)Topological properties of a dense atomic lattice gasOralLink
J. Oppenheim University College London (U.K.)From quantum information thermodynamics to stochastic thermodynamicsOralLink
S. Oviedo-Casado Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)Magnetic field enhancement of organic photovoltaic cells performanceOralLink
P. Padmanabhan Institute for Basic Science (Korea)Integrable supersymmetric many-body systems and many-body localizationPosterLink
M. Paternostro Queens University Belfast (U.K.)Landauer’s principle for non-equilibrium quantum processesOralLink
C. Pérez-Espigares University of Nottingham (U.K.)Fluctuating hydrodynamics, current fluctuations and hyperuniformity in boundary-driven open quantum chainsOralLink
M. Perarnau-Llobet Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik (Germany)No-go theorem for the characterization of work fluctuations in coherent quantum systemsOralLink
F. Pietracaprina Universita degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” (Italy)Entanglement critical length at the many-body localization transitionPosterLink
S. Pigeon College de France (France)Thermodynamics of trajectories for quantum harmonic oscillatorsOralLink
M. Pino Instituto de Física Fundamental (CSIC) (Spain)Non-ergodic and insulating phases of Josephson junctions arraysOralLink
D. Poletti Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore)Energy transport in bosonic ladders: interplay between interactions, gauge field and geometry of system-bath couplingOralLink
M. Portesi Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina)Quantum generalized entropies and measures of quantum correlationsPosterLink
T. Prat College de France (France)When Anderson localization makes quantum particles move backwardPosterLink
J. Prior Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)Long-lasting coherence in biological complexes: from microscopic models to actual experimentsOralLink
T. Prosen University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)Strongly correlated nonequilibrium steady states with currents — classical and quantum pictureOralLink
D. Puertas-Centeno University of Granada (Spain)Entropic uncertainty measures of the D-dimensional hydrogenic system in the Rydberg and pseudoclassical limitsPosterLink
A. Ramsak University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)Exact non-adiabatic holonomic spin-orbit qubit manipulationOralLink
R. Rica University of Granada (Spain)Exploring statistical physics and quantum mechanics at the mesoscale with levitated nanoparticlesOralLink
D. Rodríguez University of Granada (Spain)TRAPSENSOR: Electronic coupling between two ions stored in different trapsOralLink
E. Romera University of Granada (Spain)Study of the delocalization properties at isolated avoided crossings in Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick type Hamiltonian modelsOralLink
R. Sánchez University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain)Control of electronic heat flows in coupled quantum dotsOralLink
T. Shirai University of Tokyo (Japan)Floquet Gibbs state in time periodically driven open quantum systemsOralLink
N. Shiraishi University of Tokyo (Japan)Counterexamples to eigenstate thermalization hypothesisOralLink
I.M. Sigal University of Toronto (Canada)On quantum decoherence and thermalizationOralLink
E. Sindici University of Strathclyde (U.K.)Quantifying entanglement of identical particlesPosterLink
B. Spagnolo University of Palermo (Italy)Stabilization by dissipation and resonant activation in quantum metastable systemsOralLink
H. Tajima Center for Emergent Matter Science (Japan)Large deviation implies first and second laws of thermodynamicsPosterLink
J. Takahashi University of Tokyo (Japan)Phase transition in quantum annealing of hard problems detected by fidelity susceptibilityPosterLink
H. Tasaki Gakushuin University (Japan)What is thermal equilibrium and how do we get there?OralLink
F. Thiel Bar-Ilan University (Israel)The quantum first detection problemOralLink
J. Thingna University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)Dynamics of a driven quantum dot interacting with finite reservoirsOralLink
I.V. Toranzo Universidad de Granada (Spain)Information Theory of D-dimensional Harmonic Systems. Application to Rydberg and Pseudoclassical StatesPosterLink
S. Vinjanampathy Centre for Quantum Technologies (Singapore)Speeding up thermalization in quantum thermal enginesOralLink
P. I. Yang. National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)Master equation approach to transient quantum transport in nanostructuresPosterLink
M.G. Zeitlin IPME RAS, St. Petersburg (Russia)From points to patterns in Wigner frameworks, 1: Quantum states as sheavesPosterLink
D. Zueco Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón (Spain)Emergent causality and the N-photon scattering matrix in waveguide QEDOralLink
University of Granada Institute Carlos I for Theoretical and Computational Physics Ministry for Economy, Industry and Competitiviness European Physical Society Departament of Electromagnetism and Physics of Materials