Participant & Contribution Type Lynks to Material
A. Acín ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences (Spain)Detecting entanglement and non-locality in many-body quantum systemsOralLink
A. Buchleitner University of Freiburg (Germany)Quantum dynamics on networks - the interplay of structure, indistinguishability, and interactionsOralLink
J. Cao Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT (USA)Quantum Transport: Coherence, and Symmetry, and DiffusivityOralLink
A. Dhar International Centre for Theoretical Sciences-ICTS (India)The quantum Langevin approach for transportOralLink
M. Esposito University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)Dissipation in open quantum systemsOralLink
J.P. Garrahan University of Nottingham (U.K.)Glasses, dynamical constraints, and slow relaxation in quantum many-body systemsOralLink
M. Kastner University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)Noninvasive measurement of dynamic correlation functionsOralLink
W. Lechner Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (Austria)Coherent quantum annealing with parity constraintsOralLink
I. Lesanovsky University of Nottingham (U.K.)Exploring far-from-equilibrium physics of dissipative spin systems with highly excited atomsOralLink
M.A. Martín-Delgado Universidad Complutense (Spain)Topological heat transport and symmetry-protected boson currentsOralLink
B. Olmos University of Nottingham (U.K.)Topological properties of a dense atomic lattice gasOralLink
M. Paternostro Queens University Belfast (U.K.)Landauer’s principle for non-equilibrium quantum processesOralLink
J. Prior Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)Long-lasting coherence in biological complexes: from microscopic models to actual experimentsOralLink
T. Prosen University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)Strongly correlated nonequilibrium steady states with currents — classical and quantum pictureOralLink
H. Tasaki Gakushuin University (Japan)What is thermal equilibrium and how do we get there?OralLink
University of Granada Institute Carlos I for Theoretical and Computational Physics Ministry for Economy, Industry and Competitiviness European Physical Society Departament of Electromagnetism and Physics of Materials