15th Granada Seminar


September 17-20, 2019

in Facultad de Ciencias,

Universidad de Granada, Spain

Granada Seminar Logo

Organized by:

Institute Carlos I  for Theoretical and Computational Physics, University of Granada

Sponsored by:

Stochastic and Collective Effects in Neural Systems

Biological aspects, Modeling, Dynamics, Networks, Function and Applications


The aim of this meeting is to bring together scientists interested in Neural Systems and their statistical and collective effects from real experiments, theoretical and computational models to applications


Main speakers:

  • Ginestra Bianconi, Queen Mary  University of London (UK)

  • Jesús Cortés, Ikerbasque (Spain)

  • Joaquin Marro, Universidad de Granada (Spain)

  • Mavi Sánchez-Vives, Institut d'investigacions Biomèdiques (Spain)

  • Rafael Yuste, Columbia University (USA)








Notes: Several conference talks will be invited from submitted abstracts — The best posters prepared by PhD students and presented in this event will be granted a prize — These pages contain the best available and constantly updated information; please visit them from time to time.

Contact us at: cphys@onsager.ugr.es

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